Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day and Beyond

Christmas Day was really nice. The kids all liked their gifts. Poor Keith was not feeling good. He had been having headaches and stomach aches all week. I thought he was coming down with a cold. He was already on an antibiotic the doctor had given him for an infection he had but I didn't think that would cause him headaches. Then Tuesday night he started having severe chills and stomach cramps and his fever was 102.5 degrees. I was still thinking it was a cold. But he didn't have a sore throat or runny nose or anything. Then Wednesday when he got up his skin looked kinda yellow. I thought maybe it was just the lighting in the kitchen. He said he was feeling better and he didn't have a fever. But I could tell he still didn't feel real good. Then when he got up Christmas morning he was broken out all over his body in a small rash. I thought it must be Roseola. My nephew had that when he was a toddler and his rash looked the same. I looked it up on the Internet and it said it was rare in Teens and Adults but they can get it. Then later that day we were over at someones house and I was telling them about Keith. The lady said it sounded like an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking. As soon as we got home we got out the paper that had came with the antibiotic from the drugstore and started reading and all the adverse reaction symptoms it had listed, Keith had even the yellow skin! So Hubby took him to the doctor on Friday and the doctor said that was what it was. So they put it in his chart so he will not be given that medicine again. By Friday his rash was fading and he was feeling much better. I had stopped giving him the antibiotic on Tuesday since he was so sick that evening. Thank God I did. It's no telling what would have happened.
Here is a picture of Keith, my niece Rheanna, and Tara taken Christmas Day. You can tell Keith does not feel good in this picture. He went back to bed after he opened all his presents and spent most of the day there.
Here is Amber. She looks like she is happy about her gifts!
This is me with my load of goodies from my best friend who is in Minnesota! She sent me lots of fabric, a blouse, a book, and a cute ornament with Minnesota, 2008 written on it. I just loved it all! If you look at the date on this picture it is really crazy! This picture was taken with Hubby's camera and he has not got the date set correctly.
Tara's cat, Lilie, who loves boxes, loved all the boxes and paper on the floor!
Here is Amber, Rheanna, and Tara chilling out after the gift opening. Tara is working on her scrapbook. She got scrap booking stuff for Christmas.
On Saturday the kids and I went to visit my Uncle Junior and Aunt Vivian. We really had a great day. I always love visiting with them. For those who don't know, Uncle Junior is my Mom's brother and Aunt Vivian is my Dad's sister. So I get to hear stories from both of them about my grandparents on both sides and about my mom and dad and all my other aunts and uncles. Aunt Vivian cooked us a nice lunch and she had baked 2 pecan pies. I love pecan pie.
Here is a picture of Uncle Junior, Tara, Aunt Vivian, Amber, and Keith. The kids really enjoy visiting them.
Here is a picture of Uncle Junior, Me and Aunt Vivian. Do you think I look like Aunt Vivian? When I was young my cousin used to always tell me I looked like Aunt Vivian and that I had hands like hers. We have large hands. Our hands are also very soft. My dad's hands are the same way. I guess it runs in the family.
Here is Amber helping Aunt Vivian peel potatoes. They were having such a good time!
This is an old picture that Uncle Junior had. He is the second from the left. He was only 17 at the time and he said this picture was taken the day he joined the service.
I've mentioned before that Uncle Junior has bees. He sells the honey from them. Aunt Vivian has a really nice stove. She said she bought it with their honey money! Anyway, on the way to their house Tara was giving my niece, Rheanna, a lesson on bees. She remembered just about everything that Uncle Junior had told her before about bees. It was really neat. It makes me feel good that my kids like to visit them and learn about the bees and other animals Uncle Junior has. He doesn't have too many animals anymore as he is 81 now and it got to be too much work for him. At one time he had lots of goats and some cows. He sold goats and goat milk to people.

Today is the last day of my vacation. It has been so nice being home for these past 11 days. I will have to work two days and then I will be off for New Years day. So that won't be too bad.

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