Thursday, December 18, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you upload pictures and start to type the post and somehow hit a wrong key and it deletes your picture? That is what just happened with this picture. Amber came by where I work on Tuesday afternoon and we took some pictures before we went to get our hair cut. This is a picture she took of the both of us. I thought it turned out really good.
This is Amber before her haircut! She has been growing her hair for two and a half years and it had really gotten long. She was just gonna get it trimmed, but decided to get it all cut off. I think she looks really cute with a short haircut. She had her hair cut really short at the end of high school and it really looked cute.

Here she is after the haircut. She kept telling our hairdresser (Gary) to cut it shorter and shorter. Gary and I were worried that once she washed it the natural wave in it would make it bounce up and she would think it was too short. So he told her if she wanted it any short after she washed it and saw how it did that he would cut it some more before she goes back to school. Well, guess what? She wants it shorter! She did have it shorter then this right after she graduated high school. So after Christmas we are gonna get Gary to cut a few more inches off. No one at school nor work is gonna recognize her!
Here is the back of her hair before. Now this was taken where I work in fluorescent lighting so it looks really light.
Here is the back after.
She loves the way it bounces and is so much easier to wash and brush! When it was long she always wore it in a ponytail and that was not very flattering at all. Now it frames her face so nicely and she looks so pretty! I can't wait to take Christmas pictures!

Amber did take a couple before pictures of me, but we did not take any after ones. I only got my hair trimmed and so it doesn't look any different really. Just a couple inches shorter.

I am so excited today! Today is my last day at work for 11 days! Yeah! I am taking the rest of my vacation days! It will be so nice to be home for that long. There are so many things I would like to get done while I am off. And the kids and I can do some cookie baking! My niece from Louisiana will be here tonight so she will enjoy baking cookies, too.

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It seems such a shame having such beautiful hair cut short, but i agree it does look much cuter.