Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookbook & busy weekend

We finally got our church cookbook completed and printed! What a job! 282 pages with 678 recipes! Linda, who started this project and was in charge and me have been emailing the company that put together our cookbook and going over proofs and making corrections for several weeks now. It really was a lot of work. I really believe this was this companies first cookbook. The lady who was putting it together was very nice, but not very organized. We had to keep resending her recipes we had already sent and pictures we had already sent. I know she was glad to get this thing completed and off her hands! Here is a picture of the front of it. We did not do this cookbook as a fundraiser. We did it in celebration of our churches 50Th anniversary. Linda called people who no longer go to our church, former pastor's wives and relatives of members who are deceased to get recipes. My friend who is 86 and a member of my church said it was so special cause it has recipes from everybody in it. We are selling them for just what they cost to make. I bought one for each of my children. Hubby thought this was silly since our kids are still young. But they can use it when they start their own households. I have a lot of my own recipes in it and I put a lot of my mother's recipes in it and a couple of hubby's mother's recipes in it, too. So it will have all the recipes my kids grew up with in it and that will make it special for them. I also sent my brother one. He told me just now that he got it and when he opened it the first recipe he saw was one of mine! What a hoot!
My oldest daughter, Amber, got home from college Friday night. Or I should say Saturday morning, as it was about 2am when she arrived. She was so busy Friday trying to finish up with school and get her things moved over to another dorm that she will be staying in when she returns to college so it put her late leaving to come home and it is a five and a half hour drive. I was so worried about her and so glad when she got here. Then all three of my kids and me got up early Saturday morning and went to Mobile, which is 70 miles from us, and went Christmas shopping. We didn't get home till 7:30pm. I was so tired. We enjoyed it, though. It is something we do every year. Just the kids and I. Hubby does not like to shop, plus he was working Saturday. Then Sunday we went to church and then I had to go grocery shopping and wash clothes. So it was really a busy weekend. I thought I would get to relax last night some, but Tara texted me from school to tell me she had a concert to sing at at 6pm at the high school. So I had to go home from work, change clothes and go to that. Then I came home and cooked some rice to go with the beef tips that I had cooking in the crock-pot all day and we had supper. Then of course I had to clean up the kitchen. I finished the dishes and unplugged the drain and then I heard this strange sound. I looked down and water was pouring out from under the cabinet door under the sink. I hollered for hubby and he came running in. The pipe had came loose. We got all the water cleaned up and he fixed the pipe. Then he took the wet towels out to wash. What a night! Hopefully tonight will be much quieter!

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Tudy said...

Thank you for visiting my new blog. I plan on posting more things this weekend since we are in for a heavy snow. I am staying in. I like your blog too.