Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tara's Elite Night

A while back I had posted a picture of a name I crocheted for someone on my blog. Well, a lady saw it and emailed me wanting me to make one for her. I agreed and she sent me a money order for it and I crocheted it up and sent it off to her. It was so exciting! This is the first time anyone has saw something on my blog and wanted to buy something from me! I sure hope I get lots more requests.
Here is the name I sent her:
My daughter, Tara, was in her beauty pageant last night. I had to cut off part of the tulle on the bottom of her dress as it was too long. Look who liked the left over tulle! This is our cat Molly.
Here is Tara outside our house in her dress before we left for the pageant.
Here is a back view of Tara.
Here is Tara and her best friend Tiffanie.
Here are the Senior contestants and their escorts. Tara is 3rd from the right. The girl on the far right is the one who got top Senior beauty. They choose 5 girls out of each grade as the top five for that grade and then they choose one girl from each top 5 for the top beauty for that grade. Then they choose a Miss Elite Night. Miss Elite Night is not choosen from the top beauties of each grade.
Here is a closer up of the Seniors. Tara had a hard time finding a little child for an escort. Finally she had to tell the lady she did not have one. We only know a few children young enough and each of them were too shy and did not want to do it. So the lady in charge knew someone who would let Tara use her little boy. There really is no need for the escorts. The only reason they use them is as a money maker for the school. The lady in charge actually told Tara this. Because everybody knows that the parents of the children will buy tickets to Elite Night!
These are all the top fives for all 4 grades. I am sorry the pictures are not very good. I was a few rows back and my camera does not have a very good zoom lens.
I, personally, think they should not have beauty pageants. I was sitting there in the audience watching all these girls come out one by one and parade in front of the judges and I am thinking why are these girls up there trying to convince two people that they are the prettiest one? It is ridiculous! I believe that my Tara is very beautiful. I have had lots and lots and lots of people tell me how beautiful she is. But she did not win anything. Because she did not at least get into the top five she told me she was just ugly and fat! Now that she is not. I was thinking all this about how girls should not be allowed to try and prove to only a couple people that they are the prettiest long before the judges had picked the top five. Tara says now her self-esteem is even lower. I told her not to think that way. I told her they go by poise and the way you hold yourself and all kinds of other things. You have these two judges sitting there watching 39 girls walk by them and they are making notes. Then they go off and make their decisions. How can they possibly remember what each girl looked like. I guess Tara thought about it and later she told me that it was only two peoples opinion as to who was the prettiest. I said that was right! The girl who won Senior beauty was not really that pretty in my eyes. Tara said she always wins everything. We live in a very small town and so sometimes things are not really judged fairly. Sometimes it is who you are and who you know. I did not go there with the attitude that Tara was the most beautiful of all the girls and would definitely win. I went there knowing that this would be a good experience for her as far as helping her to get up and do things in public. As she was doing her solo walk, and I thought she walked with a lot grace and did great, I happened to notice that there was a little white strap sticking up out of the side of her bodice. I knew it was the little strap that you use to hang the dress on a hanger with. I could have died! I know the judges had to have seen it if I could see it way back where I was sitting. Tara also had to perform with her singing group, The Madrigals. She did great then, too. I am just a proud mother. The girl who won Miss Elite Night was a girl that my son, Keith, and I both thought was pretty.


Julie said...

Tell Tara she looked beautiful from me. I know how she feels. Don't take it personally. You never know what the judges look at.
I'm not sure I believe in beauty pagents either but I did a few and being a rather shy girl it did help my confidence and it was fun getting dressed up with friends, and I have some great photos to look back on.
I had the chance to judge a childrens competition a few years ago, oh my goodness, its much harder being a judge. I found it so hard to choose a winner when they were all so gorgeous and had put in so much effort. It was awful, I felt so sad for the ones that didn't get a prize so I've never done it again. I'm sure the judges on Tara's night felt the same.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your daughter is lovely and beautiful. Her dress is so cute. What a sweet girl. I agree with you about pagents. The girls are not valued enough for who they really are and the same ones seem to win all the time. I hate competition personally, it always means someone loses. Sigh, Sometimes it is hard to be a mom and watch our kids go through life.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sabii Wabii said...

I came over for another reason but first things first. You tell that beautiful daughter of yours that she is stunning! God created her just the way he wanted her. Besides she has great taste too. How do I know? I see that pic of Johnny on the wall! duh!
Now I think you won my hat!...well the hat I was suppose to win!

go see why...


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Diane! Hmm .. first - I'm with Terisa - anyone with Johnny Depp on their wall is a winner! Tee! Hee! Hee! Secondly - the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is so true, because we all look for different things and appreciate different facets of physical features, so even though she didn't win, it just means the judges look for different attributes. Besides, a funny version of the above saying that I love is, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If the beholder doesn't see the beauty - get another beholder!! See - the 'beholders' were the problem!! In my opinion (being yet another beholder!) when your daughter smiles, she is BEAUTIFUL!! Bear Hugs! KRIS