Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a Weekend!

Saturday was spent with my daughter, Amber, texting me back and forth about Hurricane Gustav. She was at work in Lafayette, Louisiana and they were watching the hurricane reports on TV and talking about it and it was making her scared and nervous. She wasn't sure whether to try and come home or not. I talked to her uncle, my hubby's twin who lives in Lafayette, and he told me he was not leaving Lafayette and for me to have Amber come over to his house and stay with him and his daughter. He said if the news reported that it was coming into a certain point at a category 5 then he would load the girls up and head to our house. Just as I got off the phone with him, Amber called me. I told her it would be best for her to stay at her uncles. That the traffic coming here would be unreal and then she would just have to turn around and go back. So she stayed. She had to work on Sunday, also, and it wound up only being her and one other girl and the owner at work. She works at a deli. She said that from 5:30pm till 8:30pm Sunday night the place was swamped. She said there were so many customers it was unreal. The owner was running the cash register and she and the other girl were making the sandwiches. She said the owner finally turned off the open sign when they ran out of bread! She was exhausted, but excited. The owner told her and the other girl that he was gonna pay them double time since they were the only ones who had came to work and had worked so hard and fast! I am proud of her for doing such a good job! I always knew she was a good worker. She has gotten several raises in the two years she has been there. So Sunday when she got off work she went over to her uncles and stayed. All in all it didn't get that bad there. A lot of wind and rain, but they never lost power and they didn't have any damage to my brother-in-law's house. I truly thank God for that! I don't know what is going on with her this morning as she has not called. She is probably still sleeping!

I spent Saturday night making a new purse. I have been trying to get this purse made for ages it seems. I just don't have anywhere really to work on sewing stuff. So Saturday I took my computer and printer off my desk and put my sewing machine on it and started sewing. I had asked hubby if this would be OK and he said yes. After two hours he said he wished I would hurry up and finish! The only other place I have to sew is in the den with my dad. I know it really disturbs him plus he likes it so hot in there I can't stand it!
Sunday morning I asked my hubby to take a picture of me modeling the purse. I didn't know he was going to take a black and white photo! But here it is anyway.

Below are photos of the front and the back of the purse that I took in color! The back and front basically look the same. I love the fabric with the birds. It reminds me of my mama, who loved birds. I was able to take my new purse to church, which is what I had planned. We had the second Sunday of our church's 50Th Anniversary Celebration.

Yesterday, I went over to a friends house to help her with her computer for a couple hours. She goes to my church. Another lady from church also came over and we had the best time. We were trying to figure out how to send her embroidery patterns straight from the computer to her embroidery machine, but never could get it to work. I'm not familiar with that kind of thing. Finally we had to just leave it. I told her to call the sewing machine company and maybe they could help.

After I got home I spent the afternoon working on a purse for my daughter, Tara. Hubby was at work so I figured it would be a good time to sew! As you can see below, my bed is my work area!

Here is the purse I made Tara. The fabric on the outside is some fabric that my mama was making me a pair of pants out of when I was about 10 years old. She never finished the pants, but somehow I managed to hang onto the fabric all theses years. So it is back in style as retro seventies! I was 10 in 1970. The fabric I used for the lining is some that my Aunt Vivian gave me. Tara saw a book cover I had made myself out of the 70's fabric and the fabric from Aunt Vivian. She said she loved that 70's fabric and would love a purse out of it. When I asked her if she wanted the fabric from Aunt Vivian for the lining she said yes. She said that way she will think of Wee Wee (what my kids called my mama) and Aunt Vivian every time she uses it. So I got it finished last night and she took it to school with her this morning! I tried to get her to model it for me last night to take a picture but she claimed she looked horrible! Now I don't think Tara ever looks horrible, but I hung it on her fan instead.

This is a picture of the lining of Tara's purse.

I suppose you all are wondering why my kids called my mama Wee Wee. Well, I had always wanted my kids to call my mama Granny. So when Amber was learning to talk and trying to say Granny my mama thought it sounded like Wee Wee and she thought that was so cute. So that is what stuck! When they got older they wouldn't call her that when talking about her to other people. They would just say my grandmother. My brother's wife thought it was a very strange name to call a grandmother and so her kids called my mama grandma. My niece, who is now 36 years old, called my mama Me ma. It is odd that one woman was called so many names by her different grandchildren. My kids call my daddy Paw, which is what he has always wanted all his grand kids to call him. But my oldest niece's mother taught her to call him Paw Paw. And my brother's kids call him grandpa. In my day you just called your grandparents grandma and grandpa! That is what we called both sets of grandparents.

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Anonymous said...

i was never ashamed to call my weewee my weewee in front of ppl. i loved her so much. and just so yall all know...i was her favorite. :)