Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lily and the box

This is Lily. She belongs to my daughter, Tara. Lily love boxes. She thinks she has to get into any box she sees, no matter the size! There was an empty Kleenex box on my bed and Lily saw it. She is looking into it thinking about how she is gonna fit into it!
She tried putting her head and front leg in, but couldn't seem to get the rest of her body in!
All she succeeded in doing was turning the box over!

So I decided to help her a little and tore the top open so she could fit better. She tired going front first but that didn't work.
So she tried going back end first but still found that to be a little to small. She kept falling over when she sat down.
So for a while she had her head and front paws in while she played with hubby with the box.
Finally the box wound up pushed up against hubby's side and she settled for part of her body being in it and went to sleep! What a cat!
She keeps us all laughing!


Linda said...

That is just tooooo precious! Great "slideshow" of pictures! Gotta love furkids!

Victoria said...

those cat pictures are hilarious. Why I wonder do they feel the need to squish inside of a box? its so FUNNY!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cats are so silly, aren't they. Lily is a beauty.