Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hussif cover & a bookmark

It's Saturday evening and I have gotten a few things done today. I left for Wal-Mart early so I could get my grocery shopping done and get home. Well, three hours later I made it home! It just seems it takes me forever. There are always things I just have to look at! I also had to get some pictures printed out from my camera card. Now I used to upload my photos to and have them printed at my local Wal-Mart and then pick them up. It was so nice and easy to do it that way. Then all of a sudden for some reason when I go to and click on upload it will never finish loading so I can upload my photos. I have left it loading and walked off and done stuff, came back and it was still loading! I guess something is wrong with my computer. It works on my computer at work. I tested it there just to see. But I don't have my photo software on that computer and don't know if my boss would like it if I put it on there. So anyway, I finally made it home, got the groceries put away and started on the laundry.

I then finished my nieces bookmark I was making her for her birthday. I am going to send it along with some money to her. They live down close to Tampa, Florida and it has been almost three years since I have seen her. She is turning 12 this year.

After I finished the bookmark I started working on straightening out my closet some. I may have mentioned that I keep most all of my sewing stuff in my closet in my bedroom along with my clothes. I don't have very many clothes. I have never been a big clothes person. If I have one outfit to wear a day for a week I am happy. That would make 7 outfits total. I have 5 scrub sets that I wear to work. I wear the same one every Monday, the same one every Tuesday, and so forth. When one wears out then I will buy another. So the point of saying that about the clothes is to say I would rather save the closet space for my material! I don't know about everybody else, but I tend to have the habit of getting fabric or something else out to use and then not getting it put back where it goes. Therefore, after a period of time stuff is such a mess in my closet I can't seem to open the doors without something falling out at me. So once in a while I have to go through and get everything put back in it's right place. So I got everything all nice and neat now. It always looks so good when I get finished!

I did get this little hussif cover finished yesterday. In one of my earlier post I wrote about the small hussif I made. The front and back pockets are cross-stitch pieces I did back in 1981. I like to carry this hussif in my bag every day so that I always have pins, needles, thread, and scissors handy. But it seemed the cross-stitch was getting a little dirty and I was worried about it getting ruined. So I just made this simple little cover to put it in! I hand sewed two pieces of fabric together with felt in the middle. Did a running stitch around the big red flower and sewed on a big green button (which my son picked out) and then sewed on four snaps. Very quick and easy!
Here is a picture of the front of my hussif cover with it closed.

This is a side view of the hussif and hussif cover so you can see how it fits.

This is the inside of the hussif cover with the hussif.

This is the inside of my hussif cover with a close up of the hussif.

This is the front of my nieces bookmark.

This is the back of my nieces bookmark.

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