Friday, July 1, 2011

Doll, Reunion, & Brother's visit

I have a doll that I have had since I was 7 years old.  I can still remember when I got her.  My brother, Freddy, and me were going to spend a week with our grandparents in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Our Mama gave us each $5.00 to buy something for ourselves.  I bought this baby doll.  Freddy bought a little radio.  My doll must have been under $5.00 cause I remember Grandma making me give Freddy some of my money to finish paying for his radio.  My doll had light auburn hair, blue eyes, a cloth body with plastic legs and arms.  Sometime during my young age I cut her hair.  She lost eyelashes through the years and her clothes.  Her cloth body was really stained and wearing out.  I made her a new cloth body and glued on some new eyelashes.  I crocheted her some new clothes.  I cut out all her hair and ordered her a wig.  In the photo below I crocheted her a hat to wear while she was waiting for her wig to arrive.
Here she is with her new wig!

Now that I have made these clothes for her I am not really liking them.  I think I want to make her something more pastel looking.  These just don't seem right on her.

Our local high school here had a reunion spanning 10 years (1970-1979).  I had several cousins to graduate during this time span and my brother and I both graduated during it.  My brother did not get to come to the reunion and quiet a few of my cousins did not get to come.  Below is a picture of the ones who did come including me!
Left to right are:
Me, Mike, Janet, Sandra, Anita, Donnie, Jeff. 
It was like having a small family reunion along with a class reunion!  It was great!  Some of us got together for lunch earlier that day.  I just love having my cousins around.  We all grew up more like brothers and sisters then cousins.

This is a picture of my cousin, Anita, and me.  We are the same age and were always playing together growing up.

This is a picture of Janet, Me, and Sandra.  They are sisters.  I think I was over at their house more then anyone elses.  They only live a couple hours away and I have been so blessed to see them more in the past few months then in several years.

This is a classmate of mine.  I had not seen her since we were in grade school.  I did not even recognize her! 

This is lunch with my cousins!

Janet & Jeff

Shelia & Me (Shelia is Jeff's wife)

Sandra & Janet
We really need to have another family reunion soon!  I just love all my cousins, Aunts and Uncles and miss seeing them!

My brother, Freddy, came to visit this past weekend.  He got here late Saturday evening after a very long drive up from Florida.  He spent all day Sunday and Monday with our Daddy in the nursing home.  I made his favorite cake for him.  In fact I wound up making two!  My son, Keith, helped me make the first one on Saturday.  It was gone by Sunday night.  So Monday we made another one!  It was nearly gone by Tuesday morning!  They love that cake!  It is a Coca-Cola cake.  My brother had to leave Tuesday morning and go back to Florida and work.  I sure miss him!  We had a great visit and Daddy really loved having him with him.

Here is a picture of Freddy & Daddy.

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist two weeks ago.  It is still sore and there is still some numbness in the end of a couple of my fingers, but it is getting better every day.

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