Friday, April 29, 2011

Surgery and Vacation

I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery a month ago on my right hand. 
here is a picture of my hand before the surgery.
Here is a picture right after I got the brace off it.  They took off the big brace that they put on right after surgery and gave me a smaller brace to wear for 3 weeks.
Here is my hand right after I got the stitches out.  I was so glad to get them out!
The surgery went fine.  My hand is doing much better now.  It's still somewhat sore and I have to be careful not to hit it.  Last night I bumped it on the door knob opening the closet door and it really hurt bad. 
At least I am able to Tat and Crochet again!

I also went on vacation!  I left on Sunday, April 17th and came back on Friday, April 22nd.  I flew down to Tampa, Florida to visit my brother for the week.  It was the first vacation I have had in years!  I really needed the time away and really enjoyed it!
This is a picture of myself and my brother, Freddy, at his restaurant, Beef 'O Brady's!  I miss him already!
 This is my niece, Lacey.  We were at her basketball game.  She is so good in sports!
 This is Spike.  He is my brother's bearded dragon!

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to go to this fantastic bead store!  I live in a small town and there are not any bead stores close by.  The name of this store is Breezy's Beads.  It is actually in Brandon, Florida which is 12 miles from my brother's house.  He had to go over to Brandon for an appointment and as luck would have it the bead store was only a few blocks from where his appointment was!  So I went to the bead store while he was at his appointment!  It was a great trip and I hope I can go again sometime!

This is a bracelet I have tatted.  I have to put the clasp on it yet.

 This is a bookmark I have tatted.  I have also been working on some earrings.  I just love tatting!
I am hoping I can get enough things tatted to be in the arts & crafts show the first weekend in November.

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I have had the same surgery and joint replacement also in the thumb area both hands. I need to go have my right hand fixed (Carpal Tunnel) But I just hate to be down for a while. Hope you are ok.. Good to see you blogging.