Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little Tatting

This is a small cardinal I tatted from Miranda's free pattern over at Tatting Fool's blog.  I just love how he turned out!  I just gave him away to a dear friend of mine who collects cardinals so I will have to tat myself another one!
Below are two bookmarks that I have tatted.  I did them in purple and gold which are the school colors here in town.

Below is a little picture that my friend has.  The table and vase look like watercolor and the flowers are tatted.  I would love to make something like this.  I will have to brush up on my watercolor skills.  I never was very good at painting!  I am afraid the pictures are not really clear.  It is hard to get a good picture of something in a glass frame.

My "baby boy", Keith, decided to sit in my lap!  What a big baby! hahaha  I should be the one sitting in his lap! 
This is my daughter, Tara, and her friend, Tiffanie.  Tara is the one with dark brown hair.
This is my daughter, Amber.  Tara's cat, Lily, is laying on her leg.  That cat loves to be in that chair or laying on anyone who is sitting in that chair!

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Carla said...

Your bouquet of tatted flowers is lovely!! So bright and cheery!!