Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daddy's brothers

I could just kick myself!  My Daddy's brother's came to see him on Sunday and I totally forgot to take any pictures of them with him!  How insane is that!  He did recognize them, though, and that was so great!  He also recognized my cousins, Sandra & Janet.  He had not recognized them on their past two visits.  Since we got him off this certain drug he is much more alert and clear headed!  He is still somewhat confused about things and will say off the wall stuff, but that is not hard to deal with now.  This morning he did not say anything that was off the wall.  He was totally clear headed talking to me.  We were even discussing the fact that my daughter, Tara, is a carhop at the Sonic here and my Mama was a carhop at Shaw's Drive-In in Gulfport, Missisisspi when she and my Daddy met back in 1950!  It's hard to believe that has been 61 years ago!  He was telling me once again how she would tell him he owed half a dollar and so he would take a dollar out and tear it in half and give her half!  He was always doing this and Mama had told me her boss bought a roll of tape for her to tape the bills back together!  I have always loved this story!   My Mama had a half of a dollar bill in her jewelry box when she died.  I have it now in an album I made of my life.  Daddy used to have a half of a dollar bill  in his wallet, but when he was robbed once and his wallet stolen then it was gone.  That is sad. 

Here is a picture of Daddy & Mama on their wedding day - 1951!

Since I did not get a picture of Daddy and his two brothers on Sunday here is an old picture of them!  Actually this is Daddy and 4 of his brothers.  Two of them are dead now.
Left to right:  Daddy, Uncle Tom (dead), Uncle Bill (dead), Uncle Goat, and Uncle Junior.  Uncle Goat and Uncle Junior are the ones who came to visit Daddy.  Uncle Goat lives in Miami, Florida now and Uncle Junior lives in Orange Beach, Alabama now.
This was when they were first starting their furniture making business called Dumas Brothers.  Next time they come visit Daddy I am gonna get lots of pictures!

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