Sunday, December 9, 2012

Long time no post

I know it has been a long time since I have posted.   I'm just so bad about taking the time to do posts.  I love reading everyone else's post but just don't seem to take time to do my own post.  I also have been trying to figure out how to do post from my iPhone or nook.  Have not been able to do post from either of them.  So I had to download my photos to my laptop and do the post on it..

My daughter, Tara, graduated from her schooling at the Navy Base in Pensacola, Florida in September.  She then came home for a few weeks leave before she had to fly out to California.  From there she went to Africa and is now on her ship.  She will be on board ship for about 7 months.  We can only get emails from her.  She is doing great.  We sure miss here.

Here is a picture of Tara and me while she was home one leave.  She came up to were I work and had lunch with me.
Below is Amber, Me, and Tara.

Here we are with my Daddy at the nursing home.  It was his 81st birthday on Oct. 13th.
My baby boy, Keith, is in the band at his college.  He sure looks handsome!
Keith is the second from right (the tallest one)!
Clark, Amber, Tara, & me.  We just had supper celebrating Amber's 25th birthday.

Here is Tara doing a practice of carrying all her gear!  That sea bag on her back weighted 46 pounds!  I don't know how in the world that little girl carried all that stuff!

Tara the day we took her to the airport to fly to California.  She sure looks sharp!
These are my Daddy's siblings.  Uncle Junior(age 82), Aunt Vivian(age 79), and Uncle Goat(age 76).  Uncle Goat came up from Miami to visit his siblings and children.  This picture was taken at my Aunt Vivian's house.
Uncle Junior, Uncle Goat and my Daddy.
Christmas earrings I tatted.
Earrings I tatted.

Me and my best friend, Barbara.  She flew down from Minnesota for her son's wedding and stayed with me.  I was so glad to see her!
This is a Christmas tree pin that I tatted and added extra beads to.
I was in our city hall voting for president and took a picture of this lovely quilt that is on the wall there.
Me and my baby boy, Keith.  He had on part of his band uniform.  This is an old covered bridge at his school.
This is just a small portion of my Mama's plates that are all along the top of the walls in our den and kitchen.  As long as I can remember my Mama collected plates from different states, countries, etc.  I spent a few days taking them all down and washing them and the walls.  I love her plates!
My beautiful Tara in the airport in California before she started the long journey to Africa.
This is my hair.  I had about 15 inches of it cut off and got it permed.
Here I am after the haircut and perm.  This is not the greatest picture and it was taken the day after I got it cut and permed. 
This is a friend of mine's handkerchief.  I tatted some edging for it.  It thought it turned out pretty good.

Here is my Christmas tree!

This is my Christmas cactus.  It has had more blooms on it this year then ever before.  I have it at work.  It is beautiful!
I have still been working at the Medical Store.  I have also been spending a lot of time tatting lately.  Just finished a pair of earrings last night for my daughter to give to her teacher.  Amber's last day of college is Monday.  Yeah!

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margaret said...

It is so good to read about you and your family and to share your pics. your daughter will be settled in on the ship now, a long way away but at least there is now the internet so you can be in touch.

Your tattong is lovely, I am new to needle tatting can`t use a shuttle and enjoying it, will have to search the net for some patterns liew you have used for the earrings and love the Christmas tree