Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good day!

It was a good day yesterday. Got to talk to my daughter, Tara, for a few minutes. It was so good to hear her voice. Her ship is in port for a few days in Salalah, Oman. She is loving being able to go ashore for a few days. We had Christmas dinner after my husband got home from work last night. Then we opened presents and then went up to the nursing home to visit my Daddy. The weather was horrible. We were under tornado watches coming and going. Thank the good Lord none touched down here although I did hear on the news that one touched down about 10 miles from here.
At the nursing home they had all the residents in the hallways. This really upset Daddy. He does not like to be moved out of his spot in his room at all. Luckily when we got there the tornado warning had passed and we were able to roll him in his bed back into his room.
I got several pieces of jewelry from my children. The glass pendant with pink in it is from my son Keith. All the other pieces are from my daughter Amber. She and I were looking at some pieces in Wal-Mart. I had told her I wanted to get some things that I could tat around. So she picked out the heart pendant and Mom pin for that purpose. I was so surprised! She also got me the Planters tin with nuts in them. I just love the tin!
It was a great Christmas! Today, however, I am back at work and exhausted! Hahaha

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margaret said...

some lovely pieces of jewellery you have had as pressies, love the beaded scarf which I presume you have lovingly made.

How upsetting for the poor residents having to be uprooted but such good news that the tornado passed you by.
My younger daughter is a nurse in a nursing home, she loves her job caring for the elderly but is now doing a course on palative care as she wants to nurse in a hospice, a very caring and wonderful nurse allthough she suffers from chrons and sometimes is so poorly herself.