Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too long gone!

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted on my blog.  It has been quiet awhile.  I have had a lot going on at home and have just kinda been out of the loop.  I had to make the decision to put my Daddy into a nursing home and that was very hard.  I kept him at home as long as possible, but when he got where he could not walk at all I just could not manage.  We have a good nursing home here.  It is only a little over a mile from where I work and from where I live.  I know a lot of the ladies who work there as they come to where I work to buy uniforms.  I go up and visit with Daddy every morning before I go to work and then I go and sit with him for  few hours on the weekends.  He is happy there and is well looked after.  But it was still a very hard decision to make to put him there.

Below is an art project Daddy made at the nursing home.  He gave it to me for my birthday and Valentines since my birthday is close to the end of January.  I love it!

I have been doing some tatting and crocheting lately.  Below is a pair of earrings I tatted for my daughter, Tara.  I had trouble getting a good picture of them.  I hope you can tell what they look like!

 This is another pair of earrings I tatted.  I hope to tat lots more earrings and sell them.
 I have crocheted lots of rings.  My daughter, Tara, loves them all!  She picked out lots of them that she wanted.  So here she is modeling the ones she choose and I gave to her.

 I also had a lady want me to crochet her a band for her watch and attach crocheted flowers to it.  The result is below. 
 Here is a close up of one side of the band.
 And here is the other side.  If you look closely at the flower on the far left you will see that it is a tatted flower.
I am going to try and post more often to my blog.  I really love posting, but sometimes it just seems I don't have much to say.


Chocolate Cat said...

Always a hard and heartbreaking decision to put a loved one in a nursing home , how nice that it is close enough for you to visit often. Love your tatted earrings.

www.welovequilting.com said...

How much for something like this? I LOVE IT.. Your work is awesome.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Hi Diane,
Your tatted earrings looks great & I love the crocheted rings & watch band. I just crocheted a few small doily type earrings for my own daughter which she loved. Have to try a ring now after seeing yours. Very neat idea.
Have a beautiful day,