Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have always loved dolls!  For as long as I can remember I have always had several dolls.  Here is a picture of the corner of my bedroom where I have some of my childhood dolls displayed.
The little Chinese Doll is one that my brother gave me when I was young.  She is so cute!  She is holding a crocheted bird I made. 
Here you can see my Marie & Donny Osmond Dolls!  I was a very big fan of Donny Osmond as a teenager.  Oops!  I am showing my age!
Below is my Cricket Doll.  She was the very last doll I got as a child.  I was 11 years old at the time.  Some people think she is Chrissy as there was a Chrissy doll with red hair and she looked similar to Cricket.
These are two very old dolls.  I have posted about them on here before.  I crocheted their outfits and just love how they turned out!
This final doll is my Tippie Toes Doll.  She is not the actual doll that I had growing up.  I loved my Tippie Toes doll so much that her head popped off!  Back then they did not have super glue and so I was unable to glue it back on.  I found this Tippie Toes on Ebay and just had to have her!  She just brought back so many nice memories! 
As you can see I have had a long love of dolls!  I still have a few more from childhood that I need to take pictures of and post.  One of them is a baby doll that I got at about the age of 7.  I want to get her some more clothes made and then I will take pictures of her and post them.  
I hope there are lots of women out there who have a love of dolls like I do!  I think it is great!

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