Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday and Cat who rules the recliner!

My baby boy has turned 17!  It is so hard to believe that my baby is nearly grown up!  He definitely looks older then 17 at 6"2 and with a beard.  It's weird how it grows from ear to ear and under his chin, but not on his chin.  He shaves it every so often.  I am so proud of him.  He is a sweet, kind, Christian young man.
Here is his cake.  He loves Fun Fetti cake and wanted me to get 4 boxes of it and bake them and stack them on top of each other and ice them.  I told him that was way too many.  So we settled for two boxes of cake mix!
He got a nice bow for his birthday.  He is really into archery and very good at it!

This past Saturday night I was sitting in the recliner doing some handwork.  My daughter's car, Lily, decided that she wanted to lay on the footrest.  So she jumped up on it and pushed my legs out of the way!
 My daughter thought it was so cute and she took Lily's picture.
 Lily can be very territorial!  Every time I tried to put my foot back on the footrest she would bite me!  Here is a picture of her biting me!  Let me tell you, that cat bites hard!  You can't play with her too much cause she will bite you and sink her claws into you!  Our other two cats you can play with and they will just barely put their teeth on you and not claw you hardly ever.  But not Lily!  So I just decided to leave my feet off the footrest!
 Then my son came along and picked her up and carried her off.  Notice how she is over his shoulder.  She loves to be held this way.  My daughter has held her just like she was a baby since she was a kitten and Lily does not mind it at all!  She really is a sweet cat.  Just got to watch out for those teeth and claws!
This is what I was working on while sitting in the recliner.  Kokeshi Key rings.  Actually they have a hook inside of them and you pull your keys up into the doll and they are hidden.  I had made myself one a year or so ago and a lady saw it and wants one.  So I decided I would make several and maybe I can sell them.
 Here are my Kokeshi dolls before I put their hair on.  The one on the bottom left is the one I had made myself a year or so ago.
 Here is a little tatted bookmark I made.  I love tatting!  I am getting better every day with it!
 I spent almost 3 hours on Saturday at the doctor's office.  I have a sinus infection and ear infection.  It has been going on for nearly a week now and I was treating myself with over the counter medicine, but that was not doing the trick.  Finally went to the doctor and got a shot and some antibiotics.  Sure hope this mess clears up soon!

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JennyPennyPoppy said...

Hi Diane,
Came across the link to your blog on the stitchin fingers site. Your tatted bookmark looks lovely! I have yet to learn how to tat but I bought myself a shuttle a few weeks ago so I hope to try it soon.