Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updates on life

It has been another busy weekend! First my son Keith had his very first football game on Friday! It was a spring scrimmage. The game was scheduled for 6pm but got moved up to 4:30pm as there was really bad thunderstorms coming in. It was also being played an hour away from where we live. I hated to miss it but I was at work. Then one of the ladies in our home office, which is 15 miles from my store, called and said that my boss was coming down to watch the store for me so I could go to Keith's game. I couldn't believe it. I don't even know how they found out the time had been changed! I was so happy! So as soon as he got to my store I jumped in my car and went and got Tara and her friend and headed out. Hubby had gone to Louisiana on Thursday to pick up our niece so she can spend a few weeks with us and was coming back through where the games was at just about the time it was starting so they stopped there. It worked out perfect! Keith got to play and we were so proud of him!

Keith is number 74!
Saturday morning Tara graduated! Yep she finally made it! We are so proud of her! Here she is!
Here is Me, Tara, and Hubby! I hate the way there is always a glare on my glasses! I really have got to get some glare resistant glasses.
Here is Keith, Tara, our niece Rheanna, and Amber!
And of course here is Tiffanie & Tara! Tiffanie is Tara's best friend!
Normally the graduation is held out on the football field but it had to be held inside due to rain. It was actually held in the auditorium. Then everyone went into the gym to take pictures.

Monday was Memorial Day, of course. But it was also Hubby's 52ND birthday! Keith helped me bake the cake and he iced it. We always have lots of these number candles at home but for some reason could not find a 2 so Keith came up with the idea of just using two 1's. So it looks like Hubby is 511 years old! We got a laugh out of that one!
I know it seems like I never post anything that I am making on here anymore. That's probably because I really have not been making a whole lot of anything. I seemed to have gotten into a funk and just had been reading a lot. Then I decided to make a few baby bonnets and booties. And now I am working on this crocheted afghan for my friend's grand baby that is coming in the fall. I really like the way you make the strips and then kinda lace them together with these chain loops on the sides of them.
It called for making it out of worsted weight yarn. But since all they had at Wal-Mart seemed so rough I am using Baby Sport weight yarn. This means it is turning out smaller then it should be so I am adding extra stripes to it.
That is about all that is going on right now in my life. Today is Keith's last day of school and I am glad of that! It means I will get to sleep a little later each morning! Hope you all have a great and Blessed Day,

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Jacquelynne said...

That's great that the family got to see your son's game. And congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! It really makes a mama proud, doesn't it?

That's a really cute afghan- I haven't seen one like that with the stripes laced together, but I really like it!