Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Planting Flowers

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. Mine was nice. My children all went together and bought me a book I wanted. It is by Debbie Macomber and is called "Summer On Blossom Street". I love her books and have all the ones in the Blossom Street series. I was pretty depressed most of the weekend. I suffer from depression and Mother's Day weekend is a bad one for me now that my Mama is gone. I really missed her a lot this weekend and seemed to be in tears a lot. Then at church this man read a poem in memory of every ones mothers who have gone on to Heaven and I just sat there and cried. I am still in a depressed frame of mind this morning and can't seem to get much done. Sorry for telling you how depressed I am. Sometimes you just have to get it out.

Amber and I did get something nice accomplished on Saturday afternoon after she got home from work. We planted some banana peppers and some flowers. Amber likes banana peppers and she really wanted to grow some. She remembers how my Mama used to grow them in flower pots and pickle them. Mama grew all kinds of peppers and pickled them cause my Daddy liked them. We still have several jars of them.

Here is Amber getting ready to put dirt in her pots!

Here she is holding up her banana pepper plants!
Here she is mixing up her soil. We were talking about my Mama and how she would love to be there and helping Amber and Amber told me not to start crying again! It sure was hard.
Here she is fooling around and acting like she is gonna eat the potting soil.
These are called Moon Flowers. A lady who works with Amber gave them to her. I can't wait to see what they look like when they get bigger. I have never heard of them.
See who was watching us to be sure we did everything right? Yep, it's Amber's cat Apollo!
Here are Amber's banana peppers after we finished and a little flower that I had bought Saturday and planted. It is called a Hypoestes. I just thought the colors of it were so pretty.
Here is a close up of it. Isn't it lovely!
Miss Molly didn't much care about our plants. She was too busy taking a nap!
After we finished with the plants Amber and I walked across the street and was looking around and she found a few blackberries. So she picked them. There weren't many. I can remember when I was young my Mama would make me and my brothers go up the street with her and help her pick blackberries. There were millions of them! She would make jelly. I can still picture her in my mind squeezing the juice out of those berries using an old t-shirt! Here hands would be purple for days! She would give us some of the berries in milk with sugar in them. They were so good! There were a lot of plum trees where the blackberries were and we would pick plums, too. Boy, those were the days!

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