Friday, May 1, 2009

Tara's School Play

We went and saw Tara in her school play last night. The play was "The Sound Of Music". She played the part of Brigitta, one of the 7 children. It was a pretty good play, but long. The costume and set changes make it long. The sound system at the high school is terrible. While you could hear some players really well, others you could barely hear at all. Tara had a microphone as she had several lines in the play so we were able to hear her really good. I did not realize all the lines she had. I think she did really good. Of course, being her mother, I am sure I am prejudice!
Here is a picture that Keith took of her in her uniform costume before the play began.

She is the second from the left in this picture. They were singing. Sorry it is so dark, but the auditorium was dark and my camera is not designed to take good pictures in the dark.
This is the ball scene. Tara is in the middle of the stage. See the two girls in the middle. She is the one on the left.
Here she sits supposedly reading a book. Her character was suppose to always be reading.
This is the last scene at the festival where the Von Trapp family is singing. Tara is front left. I had to make her the cape she is wearing at the spur of the moment. So I just bought some cheap fabric from Wal-Mart, cut it into a half circle, cut out a neck, hemmed it all around and put on a couple hooks in the front. The whole thing only cost me $3.00!
This was Tara's last play at the high school. I am so proud of her! She will be graduating in 22 days and she turns 18 in 12 days! My baby is grown up! It is so hard to believe! Time seems to have flown!

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