Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been told it has been a while since I last posted. My best friend mentioned yesterday that I had not posted in a while and wanted to know what was up with that! It's nice to know she reads my blog.

We did have a big event happen this past week. My son, Keith, who turned 15 in February, got his learners permit! So now everywhere I go Keith wants to drive me! Friday after I got off work he drove me to Wal-Mart. He had a little problem with the parking. He pulled into a space just fine, but he wanted to go straight on through into the next space so that he would have to back up when we went to leave. The problem was there was a shopping cart in the way so he pulled over to the next space. Well, they left the car totally crooked. I was trying to instruct him on how to back up and get the car straight, but it wasn't working very good. So he finally turned off the motor and said this would do! Can you tell from the photos that he is in 4 different parking spaces?! I just died laughing! We just left it that way since we weren't going to be in the store but a few minutes. Other then the parking he seems to be doing pretty good.
Keith did tell me that he likes driving with me in the passenger seat better then his dad or Amber because I don't yell at him! This made me feel good. I told him that I keep reminding myself that he is just learning to drive and to stay calm. There are times when I am pushing on my imaginary brake harder then he is on his real one!
This morning Amber and I went to a few yard sales. I found this really cute little girl vase. Isn't she just adorable? I only paid 50 cents for her and she is in excellent condition.
Here is a side view where you can see the vase part. I want to make a pincushion out of her. When I showed her to Tara, she asked me how I could make a pincushion out of something hard! I had to explain to her that I would put some batting and fabric in the pot part!
This is the piece of embroidery I have been working on. I know it looks kinda strange right now, but it will all come together once I finish it.
This is the original drawing that my brother, Keith, did with a pencil. I plan to do black in the lighter colored parts. I want to use it in a panel for the side of a purse. Well, that is my plans now. But who knows, that could change!
I sure hope it turns out like I want it to. Well, I have to go back out and check my laundry. It seems that's all I do on Saturday afternoons!

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Cindy Is Crafty said...

What a sweet vase. It will be a lovely pincushion!