Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Bag Made

I saw this great pattern for a bag over at Freda's Hive blog. I thought to myself that this would be a great purse for me. So I ordered the pattern. Nanette's bags looked so lovely and so easy to make. I figured I could make one in no time. Now you need to remember that I have no sewing room. I do all of my fabric cutting on my bed and then I have to bring this little table in my bedroom and put my machine on it to sew. That is why I don't like to do much machine sewing. It is such a pain in the neck moving everything around and I can only do this when hubby is working. So I got the pattern, then got my fabrics out and while hubby was working nights I cut out my bag and sewed it up. Well, let me tell you! That machine quilting just about got the better of me! I guess I just don't know how to do it right! It was a hot night here and by the time I got through with the machine quilting I thought I was going to have a melt down! So please don't look too close at my quilting! I think I must have been doing something wrong. Surely it shouldn't have been that hard!
Here is my finished bag.
I wanted to use this bag for a purse and I am but it is really a little big. I did box the bottom and I guess maybe I should go back and rip out the bottom and cut it off some, but I just don't know if I am up to it. I think I will just use it as it is for now and think about it. I might make a smaller purse later and then use this one as just a tote bag. I love the design and I love the colors I choose.

Here is a close up of the back of the bag. Please don't look closely at the machine quilting. I'm afraid my lines aren't too straight! I don't know why these words are underling! I don't know what to do to stop it!
This is my favorite part! The button! I love cherry fabric! And this fabric made the perfect button!
This is one of the inside pockets. I made my pockets larger then Nannette did hers as I love pockets in my bags. I like all my stuff to be in pockets and be organized. Of course there are not enough pockets for everything, but I can put my papers and stuff that would get all messed up in my purse in these.
These are the pockets on the other side of the bag.
This little pocket looks funky, but it is in the side of the bag where the two sides join together. It holds my pens. I just hate for my pens to be loose in my purse! Is anyone else out there as crazy as I am about this? I know my best friend is reading this and rolling her eyes! She already thinks I am too nuts with some of my organization! But I love her anyway!
I have a couple more things to post about but that will have to wait till later as I have got to get to the grocery store!


Amanda said...

That's such a funky bag, I bet you'll find all sorts of things that you can use it for if you find it's too big for a handbag. I should blame the quilting problems on the heat - your machine was probably in a sulk!

MouseChirpy said...

Fabulous bag! You did a wonderful job and your quilting is great too! I love your fabric combination and the cherry button is the icing on the cake!

CJ said...

The bag is GREAT! I love seeing them on Nanette's site. LOVE your color choice.