Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I have been working on lately

It seems I go from one thing to the other lately.  I was tatting for quiet awhile.  Then I was crocheting for a long time.  Now I seem to have gone on to embroidery!  I just love it all!
Here is a nice little wrist bag I crocheted to hold my thread when crocheting.
I had then crocheted all kinds of little circles and flowers.  So I made this cute little postcard to send to my daughter who is at Navy Boot Camp.

I also made this little piece by sewing a crocheted circle in the middle and crocheted flowers and buttons and beads on it.  I am not sure yet what I am going to do with it. 
This is my first piece of free form embroidery.  I might make a pin cushion out of it.  Someone suggested that and it sounds like a good idea.
This is a brooch I am working on.  I want to add some more beads and such to it.  I just have to decide which ones and where.

This is another piece I am working on.  I have put several things on it that I like.  I have appliqued two small pieces of my Mama's embroidery onto it. 
This is a little bag that I made using a needle lace tecnique.  It is very tiny.  Maybe 1-1/2 inches  if even that big.
I have done 4 post since yesterday so maybe now I am caught up.  I will try not to go so long inbetween post.  It's just hard sometimes.

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