Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bootcamp, wreck, Copper

Time sure does get away from me!  I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted on my blog.  So much has been happening lately and I have just not taken the time to sit down and put it all on here.

First of all my daughter, Tara, who is 20 now, joined the Navy.  She left for boot camp in February and will graduate on April 20th.  We are so excited for her!  She is in Great Lakes, Illinois doing her boot camp and we will be leaving a week from today to drive up there to see her graduate and visit with her for the day.  We sure have missed her!  Here is a picture of all the family as we saw her off to boot camp.  She hated the fact that she had to wear her glasses and could not wear her contacts.
Keith, Clark, Tara, Diane, Amber

Here is a picture of me hugging my baby goodbye.

Also in February my baby boy, Keith, had his 18th birthday!  He will be graduating in May.  I cannot believe all my kids are grown up!  I miss my babies :(

In March I was sitting with my Daddy at the nursing home one morning before work and got a call from Keith saying he had been in a wreck on his way to school.  Thank the good Lord he was not hurt and neither was anyone else.  The wreck happened not even a block from where I was so I rushed out of the nursing home to go see about him.  He is a tall boy and drove this little tin can of a car.  He did not realize the girl in front of him had stopped cause she could not get onto the hwy due to traffic and he hit her from behind.  Her car looked fine.  His was totalled!  He was so worried his daddy would be mad.  I told him no.  That we could get another car, but not another son.

When spring first started to arrive I would notice these little spider webs in the grass and bushes across from our house every morning on my way to work.  There are lots and lots of them.  They look so neat.  So I stopped one morning and took pictures.

Here is our dog, Copper, with his "baby".  I had this crate full of my daughter's old baby dolls that we were throwing out.  Copper walked up to the crate, looked inside, and pulled out this baby doll to play with.  He is so cute with his baby!

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