Monday, August 16, 2010

Porcelain Dolls & Family

In an earlier post I talked about the porcelain dolls I was making at my Great Aunt Doodle's house.  I finally finished all my dolls!  I have five of them in all. 

To the left is my doll Victoria Rose.  She is the one with the beautiful brown ringlets.  She is a sit down doll. 

Leaning against Victoria Rose is Elsbeth.  

This is the back of Victoria Roses' head.  Isn't her hair beautiful?  I just love it!

Here is close up of Victoria Rose's face.

Here is Elsbeth's close ups!

My Aunt let me copy patterns to make Elsbeth and Victoria Rose dresses.  I am going to start on those soon!

These three are My Princess and My Little Princess'.  Aren't the bodies weird on the little dolls?  They seem too big to me, but they are the patterns my Aunt gave me.  Once I get their gowns made and get them dressed they will look fine.

Close ups of My Little Princess'.  I think I did better painting the sleeping eyes then the awake eyes!  Please remember that this was my first time painting dolls!  I don't usually paint anything!  The enlargement of the picture makes them look worse then they really do.  I love all my dolls!  It was so much fun making them!                       
I crocheted an outfit for My Princess and here she is in it!

We have such a hard time getting together to take family pictures.  We finally got a few made the other day, but without my oldest daughter as she was at work!  Ugh!  Maybe one day I will be able to get a picture of the five of us!
This is my husband, Clark, my daughter, Tara, and me:

This is my son, Keith, Tara, and me:
Here is Keith and Tara.  I think this is such a sweet picture! 
And here is a picture of my Daddy and me:
School has started here and here is a picture of Keith on his first day of 11th grade.  It is so hard to believe that my baby is now a Junior in high school!  He wasn't excited about having his picture taken, but I have taken pictures of my kids on the first day of school their whole lives.  I told him he only has one more year and then there will be no more pictures on the first day of school.  How sad :(

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