Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Baby Doll

When I was a little girl my Daddy traveled a lot on business.  He would always bring us kids back a surprise.  One time he brought me this little doll.  I was about 6 or 7 at the time.  I don't know what happened to her original clothes.  I saw on the back of her head it says 1963 so I guess she was manufactured that year.  I just loved this doll.  The poor thing has some hair missing and what hair she does have is very brittle and looks terrible.  I imagine that is from when I used to play with her in the bathtub.  Maybe one day I can get her some new hair.  The blue outfit she has on in the first pictures is one I crocheted for her when I was in my teens.  I used worsted weight yarn to make it.  She did have booties on, but I seemed to have lost them.  I came across her recently in a box in my closet.  I decided it was time to make her a new outfit.
Here is the new clothes I just finished crocheting her!  I crocheted them out of size 10 crochet thread.  I think she looks so beautiful!  I made her hat so that it would come down over all her hair and the holes where her hair is missing.
My daughter said you could really tell that my crocheting had improved over the years!  The first outfit is done in all plain double crochets.  Whereas the new outfit has more design to it and different stitches.  I guess maybe she is right.  It has been so much fun making this outfit for my baby doll!


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Diane, she looks gorgeous. Her new outfit is just beautiful. I am sure she will be treasured for a lot more years to come.

Nancy said...

Thank you for coming by to visit my blog. I love the doll and both outfits you made. It is great you made the first one at a very young age. I love the new hat and booties.
Very beautiful and what a keepsake.