Friday, March 12, 2010

Missing my Mama day

I am having a missing my Mama evening.  Actually I was doing OK all day at work and then it just hit me.  This is a picture of the front of the store where I work.  They are getting ready to repaint the building so have been scrapping off the peeling paint.  Underneath the paint I discovered these green signs painted on the front of the building.  One says "WASH 25 cents" and the other one says "DRY 10 cents.  You see the building that my store is located in was at one time a laundry mat.  I can remember going there with my Mama when I was a very little girl.  That has been about 45 years ago!  I have always known this building was the old laundry mat, but seeing these two signs just brought back the memories of going to the mat with my Mama and started me missing her.
When I got home from work it was so hot in my house.  I put on some laundry to wash and went outside for awhile.  As most people know I live in the house that was my Mama's.  She left it to me.  So walking out into the yard there were all kinds of things that reminded me of my Mama even more.
Here is the glider on the porch where she used to love to sit and read a book.   She loved sitting out on the front porch.
Here is her flower stand.  It is so old and needs to be sand blasted and repainted.  When I was in my late teens I saved up all my change and took it to T.G.&Y. and bought it for her.  I still put my plants on it.

And of course here is another blossom from her Tulip Tree!
She loved that tree!  She loved all flowers and really had a green thumb.  I am afraid I have a brown thumb and have trouble keeping flowers alive.

While I was outside I took a few more pictures of things around my yard.  I found this daffodil!  It is the only one in the whole yard!  I think it somehow got brought over by animals from the neighbors yard and sprouted up in the front yard!  It sure is beautiful!
Then I found these old tree remains in the back.  I think they must be trees that got hit by the Hurricane back in 2005.  They looked neat, though.
I also found a lot of little wild flowers blooming in the yard.  The picture does not do them justice.

As I was wondering around outside all three cats were wondering around with me!

Here is Lilie!

Here is Molly!
And here is Apollo!
They make good companions when you are feeling down.  So now I am back inside as it is dark outside.  I have to get up from here and go check on my laundry.  I'm trying to get most of it done tonight so I won't have so much to do tomorrow. 


LollyChops said...

I have miss my grandma days all the time Diane. Gentle HUGS sweet friend!

DeeDee said...

Such great memories..I have been lurking back thru your posts..I just love your crochet stuff. I was looking at the flowers at lolly chops and found a link your way...I am very envious as I cannot crochet much have done soem beautiful the roses adn the baby shoes...

come by my place for a visit ..

enjoy your weekend.

DeeDee said...

I miss my momma can so relate to this day....hugs for you...and I love your memories...

Anonymous said...

hey, this is tara. i love the pictures of the cats! i need to steal the one of lily from you. also, i remember weewee getting me to help her with gardening a lot. maybe i will try it one day. i love you!

prashant said...

Such great memories.
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