Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crocheted Purse & Misc.

I finally got my purse crocheted!  I had been planning it forever!  The only thing is I don't use is everyday as I don't want to mess it up.  I usually use it on Sundays or special occasions.  Now I need to make one that is maybe darker in color that I can use every day.
 I've also been crocheting on a few other things.
Here is a butterfly I have crocheted

Here is a little pot of flowers I have made:
I have also made a little cupcake:

My daughter, Amber, wanted me to crochet around a paper mache' egg for her so here it is!
These are a couple pot holders I made:
I also made a new bag to hold my crochet thread:

I am still working on making more crocheted baby booties.
When I got home the other day I looked in the yard and saw that my Mama's Tulip tree was in bloom!  It is so beautiful!


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful work! I love the little cupcake too.

The magnolia is gorgeous!

LollyChops said...

Wow... I don't even know where to start! I love the cupcake and the purse Diane and your header is stunning!

I wish I could come visit so you could teach me how to make all of those beautiful flowers!!!

Do you sell them by chance? I would love to buy some from you!

prashant said...

I love the little cupcak.
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