Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It seems like I have not blogged in forever! I usually try to blog at least once a week. This past week was so busy I just haven't taken the time to blog. I was working like mad on a project that I needed to get finished. I finally finished it on Sunday and will post pictures of it soon. I am waiting till a certain someone receives it in the mail. Now that this project if finished I just really don't know what I want to work on. I picked up a piece of embroidery that I had started ages ago and have been working on that a little. I've taken a head cold or either it is really bad allergies. So I haven't felt like doing much of anything these past couple of days. I might just try and finish that embroidery. I kinda feel like I want to do another embroidery. One with all kinds of things on it. I am also working on my scrapbook a little. I bought a new scrapbook to start out 2009 with. So that is fun.

Monday was my brother, Freddy's, birthday. He turned 51.
Here is a picture of myself and Freddy.

It is so hard to believe we are getting so old! I will be 49 in just a short week. Yesterday was my oldest brother's birthday. He would have been 57. His name was Keith and he was just 24 when he died. His birthday is always a sad time for me. He has been gone now for nearly 33 years but I still miss him so much.
Here is a picture of Keith, his wife, Denise, and his baby, Susan.

Things here have been going fine with Amber home. She has started her classes at the college now and is still in the process of looking for a job. Jobs in this small town are very scarce. I sure hope she can find one soon. I know it will make her feel better. She is really sweet about helping me cook. I have got to get out the ground beef for the Taco Soup this morning before I go to work and she will have the soup ready by the time I get home from work. Isn't that nice?!

Hope you all have a truly blessed day today!

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em's scrapbag said...

That would be nice. Saturday's my kids take turns cooking other than that I do it.