Friday, May 11, 2012

Awards Night at Jackson High School

Last night was Awards night at my son's High School.  Here is my son, Keith, all decked out for it.  He is wearing a suit that my Daddy wore to my wedding 25 years ago.  Even the same tie!  My Daddy took excellant care of his suits and they are still in perfect condition.  Keith and I went by the nursing home to see Daddy before the ceremony and Daddy was so excited to see Keith in his suit.  He kept saying how handsome Keith looked.  I am having a 5x7 picture printed of Keith in the suit to hang on Daddy's wall at the nursing home.

Here is Keith receiving his Trustee Scholarship and his Band Scholarship from the University of West Alabama.

Here he is receiving his gold Honor Society Ropes.
Here he is receiving the Presidents Educational Award.

This is Keith and one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Etheredge.

This is Keith and his long time friend, Ben Morseth.  This is the only picture he would smile in!  He is such a hoot!
I am so proud of my sweet baby boy.  He is the last one.  All my kids are grown up now. :(

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