Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School & Tatted Earrings

My baby boy is now a Senior!  Today is his first day back to school this year.  I can hardly believe this is his last year of high school.  Seems like just yesterday I was taking him to kindergarten.  Now he is all grown up.  He has turned in to a good Christian young man and I am very proud of him.

I have still been tatting earrings.  I love making these with the large beads in the center!  I have been digging through my boxes of beads looking for large beads.  It is so funny how when I am tatting earrings with small beads then I am digging out all of the small ones.  Then I change to large beads and have to go digging through for large beads!  It's an ever changing process with me!
Pink Earrings - $20

Zebra - $20
I have my poor car in the shop for repairs this morning.  Nothing too bad.  Just needed new brake shoes.  Friday as I was driving home the brakes were locking up on me.  The man told me this morning that probably the pads were slipping causing the brake to catch.  It was fine when I drove it to work this morning.  It is so nice that the man who works on my car is right next door to where I work.

My Daddy is doing good.  For those who have been keeping up with the saga of my Daddy being in the nursing home.  His mind is so much better since I had the doctor take him off that medicine called Seroquel.  My cousin saved his life by telling me he should not be on that!  He was so confused and agitated when he was on it and now that he is off it his mind is so clear!  It is unreal!  I love to visit with him and sit and talk to him.  I ask him a lot about when he was young and he remembers it all.  Yesterday when I was visiting with him his cousin, Earline, came by to see him.  That really made him happy.  He does not get many visitors and it is nice when he does.

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