Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crocheted Coasters

Is this not the cutest coaster?!  I finished it last night.  I found the coaster on Pink Rose Crochet's blog.  She had not really given any directions for it so I had to just look at the picture to figure it out.  Mine may not be exactly like hers.  But that is good.  I just made it to put on my dresser or something at home.  I just love the colors in it.  I used Lizbeth Cordonnet 100% Egyptian Cotton Thread to do the outside flowers in.  The color is called Tropical Punch.  I just love this thread.  It is a little more expensive then some thread, but worth it.  The thread I used is size 10.  I have also gotten lots of this thread in size 20 and that is what I use to make the rings I have talked about in the previous post.  There are so many beautiful colors of this thread that it is hard to chose which ones to buy!  I hope to eventually own them all!  Just have to get a few at a time!


Christa said...

It is so beautiful!


beutiful work. Maria Luisa the Argentina - Bariloche