Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fire Prevention Week

I had to put this picture up of my son with his Mohawk haircut! Several of the football players were having the coach cut their hair like this and he called me and asked me if he could do it. I told him yes. But he has to grow it back normal after football season!
I think I have mentioned the fact that this is his first year to play football. He is on the Varsity team and the Junior Varsity team. He does not get to play very much during the Varsity games but this past Monday at the Junior Varsity game he got to play the whole game! He did really good and I was so proud of him! He was one happy boy when he got home!

Sunday I went over to visit with a friend of mine. She has the neatest dog. He is huge, but just like a big baby. He loves to be petted. He had the lightest blue eyes I have ever seen! I just had to take his picture. My friend's son is sitting on the swing with him.
This has been Fire Prevention week in my town. On Wednesday of this week they always have a parade. I can still remember watching this parade as a very little girl. This year I just sat in the store where I worked and watched it go by. It was so hot outside I did not want to be out there. Not to mention the loud noise of all those fire trucks! I used to stand out there and watch it with my little children, but they are all grown now and so I don't have to be outside anymore.

See the little children right outside my window? They kept looking in the window at me and waving at me. They were so cute. Notice the little red fireman's hat the little boy has on. I can remember getting one of these every year when I was a little girl. I loved it!
There were firetrucks in that parade of every shape and size! They came from every town around! Even one as far away as 60 miles! Sure glad there weren't any fires yesterday!

I did not get a good picture of this, but there was Raggedy Ann, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and a Dalmatian puppy with this go-cart.
This policeman had the street running along beside my store blocked off.
These guys were from a Military School.
Here's the hook and ladder from our neighboring town.
The horses are always a part of every parade in Jackson!
And last but not least is Smokey the Bear!
It was nice to sit in my nice cool store and watch the parade!


Linda said...

What a very big dog. I wonder what kind of dog that is?
I remember when my son was a volunteer fireman in our town and he was in a big fireman's parade. It was a big deal.
God bless. Linda

Jacquelynne said...

Beautiful dog....
And aren't hometown parades the best! Our big one is for Fourth of July.