Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crochet & Trip

I have still been working on crocheting baby booties. Below is a pair I finished up today for a baby boy.
This is cute little pink and white pair for that sweet little baby girl in someones life.
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My dad and I went to Meridian this past weekend to visit relatives. My cousin had called and told me that my dad's younger brother, who lives in Miami, Florida, had came up with his son to visit. My dad and him have not seen each other in over a year and I have not seen him nor my aunt and cousins in over a year. I was so excited to go! My dad was really worried about going as he has dementia and can't stand to be out of his little world. But I finally convinced him that it would only be for one night and I would take everything he needed with us. So I packed up all his juices, crackers, bananas and everything else and we went. He really seemed to enjoy himself while we were there.

I had a blast! It was so fun being with my cousins again. We all grew up more like brothers and sisters as we were over at each other's houses all the time while growing up.

Below is a picture of my cousin Sandra, myself, my Aunt Rachel, and my cousin Janet. Sandra and Janet were born on the same day exactly one year part. Sandra is 4 years older then me and Janet is 5 years older then me. My Aunt Rachel does not look so good as her health is not good at all. But I tell you we couldn't slow her down! She insisted in helping cook and can that woman cook! We ate so good that day. Sadly the day after we left she fell and fractured her shoulder. I just feel like crying. She is like my second mama. I just love her so much.
This is a picture of my dad, my Aunt Rachel, and my Uncle Goat (Jerry), who is my dad's brother.

Here is Uncle Goat, his son Darrell, and my Daddy.
Here is my cousin Darrell and me. Darrell is exactly 2 months older then me. When we were really little we did everything together. I learned to walk before Darrell and my mama used to tell me that we would be under the table and I would be walking and telling Darrell, " 'm on, Darrell". Which means come on Darrell. She said I taught him to walk! I used to have to cut his paper for him too as he had such bony fingers that he couldn't hold the scissors. Him and me still laugh about all this!
This is a little pouch I made to wear on my arm and keep my ball of crochet thread in so I can carry it with me and crochet where ever I go.
I love to use it at work.
Close up of my little crocheted bag.
Saturday is the big day. My baby, Tara, moves to college! How sad I am going to be. I will tell you all about it after we get her moved in.

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