Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi Everybody! Thought I would post and let everyone know I am still here. I don't want to go so long between post any more. I don't have any pictures to put on here today nor do I have the time. Got to get to work in a few minutes.

I am still crocheting like mad and my hands and wrists are starting to feel the effects. They are hurting me a lot. Especially my left wrist. You would think I could get a wrist brace for it seeing as how I work in a Medical Supply place, but we don't have the kind I want. I am going to look in some catalogs today and see if I can order one.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I will be doing the same old things as always but it is just nice to be off work!

I hope you all have been looking at my ETSY store and telling all your friends about it! I sure appreciate it!

I hope you all have a great and Blessed Day,

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Needled Mom said...

I just saw you pink booties on We Love Quilting and they are gorgeous. You do lovely work!