Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm back! Most of you didn't even know I was gone, did you? The truth is I wasn't gone because I wanted to be. I have been very sick. After everyone in the house went through this flu stuff I had to go and catch it! I was sure hoping it would pass me by. I am not the type to get sick. I might get a head cold or sinus problems now and then, but I always can keep going with those. This time I was flat on my back for 4 days straight! Then I couldn't do much over the weekend as I was still not feeling strong enough. I had to miss 4 days of work. The last time I was that sick was 15 years ago when I had the flu when I was pregnant. I can tell you now, I certainly did not like being sick! The worst part was that last Thursday was Tara's senior prom and I had planned to take off the day and go to the hairdressers with her and help her get ready and all. Well, needless to say I spent the day in the bed and she went by herself to have her hair done. I did go sit on the front porch while they took pictures of her and her date.

Here is a lovely picture of her. We managed to find this dress in Mobile. I had to cut several inches off the bottom and then I had to rework part of the bodice for her. I think it looked lovely on her.
Look at this beautiful face! Notice the earrings she has on. Those are some I have had for almost 30 years that I dug out of my jewelry box for her. I didn't think she would want to wear them as they are so old, but she loved them!

Here she is with her date, Bird. Actually his name is Daniel, but everyone calls him Bird. I think the sun was shining a little too bright on them.
Here is Tara and her two friends, Abby and Tiffanie.
I think Tara had a great time at her prom!

I did manage go sing in our Easter Cantata on Saturday night and Sunday morning. There were a few times when I felt like I might pass out, but I managed to make it through. I had promised God if He would just make me well I would sing. Singing in a Cantata takes a lot out of you. I used to love singing in them and could just whiz through. Now my throat and mouth stay so dry that I feel like I am struggling to sing and my feet go numb from the standing and my legs will start cramping on me. Not to mention that I got so light headed. I just don't know if I can sing in anymore of them. I love to sing. But one or two songs at a time is all I can manage anymore.

I was glad I was able to return to work yesterday. I know the ladies in our home office were glad to. They were having to take turns going to stay in my store and getting behind in their work.

I hope to start work on another Alabama quilt soon. This lady who wants one is paying me a little a month for one. Also, a friend gave me the name of a lady who wants one. I have to yet call her. So I will be busy in the near future appliqueing quilt blocks!

Well, got to get up from here and head to work! Hope you all had a great Easter and have a great day today!

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Amanda said...

Hello Diane, what a pity that you've been so poorly, I hope your family looked after you really well. Tara looks absolutely lovely. Proms are something that are a pretty new phenomenon over here - they've been around for about ten years or so. I have pictures of my two sons done up in their dinner jackets and looking so grown up.